Friday, September 2, 2011

Wine Bottle as a Dish Soap Dispenser

I'm stealing this idea from my mother in law.  I'm not sure if she really used a wine bottle or not but it looks so much nicer than an ugly bottle of dish soap.  It is quite simple to put together but I will outline in anyways...(because I did actually take

Wine bottle
Dish soap
Liquor pourer (I'm really not sure if it is really called that but I found one at the local grocery store, I paid $4 for two of them)

1.  Empty the wine bottle.  (We made spritzers!)

2.  Soak off the label.  My label came off very easily.  If you have trouble with the label use some rubbing alcohol.

3.  Fill with your favorite dish soap and top with the liquor pourer.

Looks so much nicer than the Dawn bottle, right?! 

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  1. Love this. Recently did with a Capt Morgan rum bottle too.