Monday, September 12, 2011

Raising Butterflies

We have the As Seen On TV Butterfly Habitat.  The Easter Bunny brought it for Steel last Easter and Mom finally got around to ordering the caterpillars.  This is so much fun, we will do it again.  We will keep the habitat and just order more catepillars next spring unless Mom doesn't order them until August again!  Watch the transformation with us...

This is the kit that we received once I finally ordered it:

And this is a close up of our caterpillars...

This is our caterpillars when they turned into chrysalides, this process
 took about two weeks.  We transferred them into the habitat.

The literature we received with the kit said that this process changing from chrysalides to butterflies was to take 7 to 10 days.  It sure seemed like longer than that.  These are pictures of our newly emerged butterflies.  Once they were butterflies we inserted sugar water into the container that came with the kit.

We had 6 butterflies total, they all made the transformation into butterflies.  We kept
them for about a week and released them.  These are pictures of release day.  When 
they finally flew away they flew too fast to snap pictures.  

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