Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crashed Witch Halloween Decor

I found these great witch feet at the craft store and had this idea to make a witch looking 
like it was crashing into our front door.  I have this slight obsession with witches.  I will be 
posting pictures of all my Halloween Witches.  Check back soon!

Note:  I did not use any glue when assembling the witch since this would be hanging on our front door.  I have not had good luck with glue and the sun!  I used wire and thread only.

Gray Yarn
Elmer's Glue
1/2 inch plastic tubing - (Hardware store)
Sponge Brush
Witch Feet - (You could attempt to make them yourself but I could not pass up mine for $3!)
Witch Broom
Witch Hat
1/4 yard fabric for dress/skirt
1/4 yard netted fabric for cape
12" floral ring
Needle and thread

The How To
1.  Make witch hair:
Combine 2 parts glue and 1 part water.  Cut yarn to desired length and tie to plastic tubing.  Wrap yarn around tubing.  Dab on glue mixture to saturate the yarn.  Let dry overnight.  I made 7 hair strands total.

2.  Once dry, unwrap and cut off knot.  

3.  Tack hair to inside of witches hat by sewing along the outside edge.

4.  Attach legs to floral ring using wire.  I wanted it look as if she crashed so I attached them so that the legs were separated, pointing out.  

5.  Make and attach witch skirt:
Take fabric and cut jagged edge along longest side.  Wrap the fabric around legs and floral ring.  Roll top corners over and tack down with needle and thread.  

6.  Make cape and attach:
Take netted fabric and cut jagged edge along longest side.  Gather opposite side of jagged edge and tie with yarn.  Then tack to underside of hat.  I tacked in five different spots fanning out the cape on top of the hair.  

7.  Stuff a piece of newspaper in hat to give a little depth but not too much so that the hat will still sag down when hanging.

8.  Attach hat to skirt by sewing the top of the legs to the hat.

9.  Attach broom by looping yarn through broom loop and floral ring and tying a knot.

10.  Make a loop with yard and sew to inside of hat for a hanger.

11.  Display on front door! (or where ever)

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