Saturday, September 17, 2011

Re-organizing Bookshelf and Printer Cabinet

It was time to re-organize.  After 3 years, the old organization was no longer working.

The Printer Cabinet
This was originally a computer cabinet that no longer is used to house a computer.  Our house has been taken over by laptop computers that reside in our family room or anywhere else in our house at any given time.  We still need to house our printer that has since multiplied into 2 printers.  Plus I refuse to part with the piece of furniture because I still like it and it was the first piece of furniture that I purchased myself.  It is really quite a nice piece.

The Before Shot

This was really quite a mess.  It was easy to let it get out of hand since we could just close the door to the cabinet and hide the mess on the inside.  We have games stuffed in there that should go into the game closet, that too needs to be re-organized.  Our mail was in desperate need of filing /pitching.  Many other things somehow now called this cabinet home.

The After Shot

Nice and tidy again.  I really don't see a need for labeling.  I think I can handle it.  I just need to re-organized more frequently than 3 years.  LOL!

-Mail to keep temporarily includes coupons and ads.  I have my coupon book right on top.
-Mail to keep/file is just that.  We don't have a filing cabinet.  We have a hanging file box in the storage closet upstairs.  My plan is to file once per month.  I throw lots of mail away so this doesn't grow at such a great rate.
-Everything else pretty much speaks for itself.  I do keep the playing cards and some dice in a basket on the bottom shelf for easy access.

The Bookshelf
This bookshelf resides in our living room.  To make it look more appealing, I purchased baskets 3 years ago to house our many office type supplies.  I really liked the way it turned out.  It is time for a overhaul.  Baskets can be catch-alls and needed to be re-purposed to house more appropriate items for our current needs.

The Before Shot

Pretty bad, huh?  Lots of stuff needed to find new homes!  That they did!

The After Shot

-Yes, I really do have one basket just for batteries! 
-I have a great idea for the books that seem a bit out of place.  I plan to cover them it accenting colors to make them look nicer and go with the room.  
-I have tons of pads of paper, mostly the smaller spiral type and post its.
-I still have my old film cameras and some of my first digital cameras.  I'm still not sure why I have them but they fit nicely in the basket with the video cameras so I didn't pitch them at this time.  
-With Steel starting school this year we have tons of info papers and homework that you don't want to pitch just yet so I made a basket for those.  
-I have a misc basket that I am sure that I will find a use for.
-My office supply basket houses tape, stapler, scissors, hole punch, etc.  All the stuff that won't look nice sitting out.  I put these in a basket that has a lid.
-These are actually Steel's magazines, I wanted to put them on a lower shelf for him to access easily.
-Computer paper, large envelopes and legal pads fill the larger basket on the bottom shelf.  

Nice and organized again!

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