Monday, September 26, 2011

S.W.A.P. Basket - Socks Without A Partner

Who doesn't have Socks Without A Partner?  Even if it's just until the next load of laundry is done.  This basket will give those socks a home until the partner resurfaces or you decide that it's time to part ways.

Metal Hanger (or two)
Strips of Fabric
Floral Wire

The How To
1.  Take hanger and bend into shape of SWAP.  This can be a bit difficult.  (I threw away my first hanger.)  It was hard to judge what sizes the letters should be.  I also had to use 2 hangers since my letters were a bit on the large size.  It's easier to work with larger letters, the smaller you go the more difficult it is to manipulate the hanger into all those curves and bends.

2.  Cut strips of fabric (or use scraps if you have them) between 1/2 - 1 inch wide.  The length can be anything you choose, my strips were approximately 18 inches long.  I cut strips of the fabric I purchased to make a quilt for our bedroom.  I am keeping this basket in the bedroom so it will coordinate well.  

3.  Tie a knot with the fabric fastening it to the hanger and begin wrapping.  This is the difficult part as when you try to start wrapping the knot will just spin around as well.  So the trick is that you have to hold the knot in place until you have a good and tight length wrapped.  

4.  When you are nearing the end of a strip, tie it to the end strip and keep wrapping in the same direction.  You must keep wrapping in the same direction or you will start to unravel what you have already wrapped.  

Note:  Since I had to use 2 hangers, I paid special attention to where I was going to connect them.  It is best to pick a straight area of one of the letters.  In my case it was the long part of the P.   

5.  Once wrapping is complete, make sure you tie the end nice and tight.  

6.  Trim all the ends of fabric to tidy it up a bit.  You want to have the ends sticking out, it's part of the rough look of the design.  However, if the ends are too long, it will be difficult to read.

7.  Fasten the lettering to the basket using thin floral wire.  I opted out of spray painting the wire because you could not tell it was green due to the dark color of the basket and the fabric.

8.  Add Socks Without A Partner.

Not sure if the basket is too dark with the dark fabric?  Maybe a white basket instead?  The lighter fabrics may be difficult to see then?  I'm leaving it the way it is for now, I'll see how I feel about it in a week or so.  If it bothers me, I will change it.

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