Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sewing Kit / Sewing Pin Jar

I got this great idea from  She also has many other ideas for mason jars!

I have this recent obsession with mason jars.  I've found some for $0.50 or less at a nearby thrift store, especially on 50% off Mondays!  It would be great if they were the real old ones (blue), they aren't but they have a little age to some of them.  I, also, re-used a small jam jar for my pin jar, that's a plus!

Mason Jar, with separating lid
Cotton Balls
Cardstock or thin cardboard (too thick you will have problems screwing the lid on the jars)
Sewing kit supplies

The How to
1.  Cut Fabric large enough to fold under the lid of the jar, leaving room for cotton balls but not too much that you have overlap of material.

2.  Trace lid insert on piece of cardstock or thin piece of cardboard and cut out just inside your traced line.  (I used an old folder.)

I labeled mine for each so I wouldn't mix them up.

3.  Turn piece of fabric over and place hand full of cotton balls on top and cover with lid insert (upside down).

4.  Bring one set of opposite corners of fabric to center of lid and tape.

5.  Bring the second set of opposite corners of fabric to center of lid and tape.

6.  After all four corners and taped to the center of the lid, you will have four new corners.  Tape each corner individually over to top of lid.

7.  Place lid insert inside lid's rim.

8.  Dab glue over tape on underside of lid using a cotton ball to cover whole area.

9.  Place cardstock (or thin cardboard) on top of glue.

10.  Screw lid on jar and let glue dry.

11.  Fill with sewing kit supplies or sewing pins.

Great Idea!

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