Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dad puts 'Racecar' in Car Show

The hub has a 1987 Fiero that he is oh so proud of.  Steel calls it the Racecar.  The hub plans to get historical plates next year when it becomes 25 years old.  This all sounds like pretty silly stuff only because it just doesn't seem right that cars from the 80's should be deemed historical or classics of any kind.  What does it make us that grew up in the 80's?  Maybe it's just that we don't want to admit that is was really that long ago.  lol.

Our town had their annual Labor Day weekend parade and car show.  Yes, the Fiero sat proudly on the field along side the classics.

All participants in the car show were to receive a complimentary dash plaque.  This 'plaque' turned out to be a piece of metal measuring approximately 2 x 3  inches with a picture of last years car show with this years date on it and a sticker on the back to mount it to your dashboard.  (I'm not too sure why you actually stick it on your dashboard.)  The hub could not wait to get his plaque all week and that's what he got!  Lol.  Get this... the picture on the 'plaque' featured our boat in the background that was in the lot across the street from the park.  Now that's pretty funny!

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