Sunday, September 11, 2011

Whole House Revamp Agenda

I have many inside projects to tend to as soon as the weather takes a turn for the worse.  We have had a few days of cooler weather and it is getting me in the mood to start!  Now, I’m not really ready for winter but I am ready to get this house back in order!!!!!  Most of it will wait until the weather turns but I have decided to get all my objectives organized.  My plan is to post each item as they are completed so that I can post the results. 

I must first share with you that we have been in our house for almost 3 years now and the whole inside of the house needs painted!  It is horrendous!  We purchased the house from people that bought it to flip it.  We knew going in that things were going to be done as cheaply as possible to produce more profit.  So far we haven’t incurred any big expenses due to this fact.  Thank goodness!  The biggest problem that we are facing is the paint.  I do work for Sherwin Williams and I do get a discount so that helps monetarily but I am not a big fan of painting!  If it were easy enough to empty the contents of our house onto the front lawn and I could spray the whole thing it would not be so bad.  Well, that is exactly what these house flippers did!  They sprayed the walls, doors and molding all with this FLAT, CHEAP beige paint.  I try to wash the walls and the paint comes off but the dirt stays.  So, now the walls are hideous instead of just plain dirty!  LOL!  So, my plan is to tackle this problem room by room.  I am also adding all of the others things that are needed to each room so that my painting chore won’t be so cumbersome.  The ceilings are fine, we will not be painting those.  I must also note that we have a split level house so we are doing most of the house in the same color paint because the rooms on the first and second level touch each other.

Here is the outline of my objectives, separated by room,  as it stands now:

-Paint trim white.
-Paint closet doors white.
-Paint inside of front door white.
-Paint walls tan, this color will be used for the foyer, family, dining, kitchen and living room.  It’s a bit darker than what we have now.  I hope that it isn’t too dark.  I jumped the gun and bought it already now having second thoughts.  We are starting with the foyer, we’ll see how it turns out. 
-Hang 2 new hooks low enough for Steel to reach to hang his own coat, etc.
-Install new closet coat rod and shelf, we currently have one of those plastic coated wire racks to hang coats and it has already fallen once. 
-Build/install new shoe organizer for the bottom of coat closet.
-Build/install new shelves in craft/games closet
-Install crown molding?  - undecided
-Need new tile – Will have to wait, not a mess we want to start now.  The floor underbeath the existing tile is uneven (the current tile is starting to crack).  We want to wait and do new tile from the foyer, through the utility room and up 4 stairs into the dining room and kitchen.  This isn’t a cost we can handle at this time so it will have to wait.  Mind you, the tile isn’t crumbling, just a few tiles have cracks in them and half of the tiles are covered by a rug. 
-Install door stopper protector – Our door stopper poked a hole in the door!  Ouch!  The round disc I bought will fix this. 
-Install new outlet cover and switch plate.

Utility Room
-Paint entire room, including trim, white.
-Install cabinets to house pantry items that are currently sitting on top up upright freezer and on the floor.
-Install cabinet to house laundry detergent and clean supplies that currently sit on two shelves on the wall next to the utility sink.
-We currently have a cheapy shelving unit to hold kitchen appliances that sit between the washer/dryer and furnace.  I have not decide how I am going to make that look more asthetically more appealing.  There isn't a lot of room so I'm not too sure what our options are.

Half Bath
-Install white bead board paneling.  
-Paint trim white or install new (white).
-Install towel rack.
-Install new toilet paper holder.
-Install new outlet cover/switch plate, if we can find one to fit.

Family Room
-Paint trim white.
-Paint walls tan.
-Install crown molding.
-Railings - install new wood ones?
-New carpet eventually, I cannot stand berber, it does not clean well.  It is too tightly woven to clean the fibers well.
-Install new outlet covers and switch plates.
-Make new throw quilts and throw pillows.

Dining Room
-Paint trim white.
-Paint walls tan.
-Fix cracks in wall by window.  The window was installed crooked and we actually had water leakage that led to a few cracks.  We have since had new windows installed properly and the problem has been rectified.
-Install new heater vent.  The current one is bent from the dining room chair sitting on it.
-Install crown molding.

-Paint trim white.
-Paint walls tan.
-Stain cabinet.  When we installed our dishwasher we had to take out the old cabinet to make move and install a small one next to the new dishwasher.  We have yet to stain it.  I don't even notice it since the finish on our cabinets is so light.  It's time to finally get it done!
-Install vinyl trim below cabinets.
-Rehang blinds.  When the windows were installed, the blinds have to be readjusted to fit properly.
-Paint corkboard.
-What to do about cabinets.  I do not like the light colored wood.  I'm not sure if I want to paint them or stain them darker or what.  Must think about it.  
-Make and hang chalkboard for menu.

Living Room
-Paint trim white.
-Paint walls tan.
-Install crown molding.
-Rearrange a few pictures on walls.
-Re-organize bookcase and computer (now printer) cabinet.
-Fix wall where old thermostat was.
-Pick and hang window treatment.  
-Change out pictures on floating shelves.

Upstairs Hallway
-Paint trim and door white.
-Paint walls tan.
-Install new baseboards that were damages when new thermostat was installed.
-Wall hangings?
-Re-organize storage closet.

Upstairs Bath
-Reorganize linen closet.
-Touch up trim and walls that were previously painted.
-Move towel hooks higher on wall.
-Move toilet paper holder.
-Install crown molding.

Steel's Room
-Touch up trim and walls that were previously painted.
-Install trim above closet doors.
-Window treatment?

Master Bedroom
-Paint trim, door and closet doors white.
-Paint walls a shade of blue.
-Install crown molding.
-Make and install window treatments.
-Rearrange furniture so that bed is not covering the heat vent.
-Move vanity chest to spare room.
-Make new quilt, shams and throw pillows.
-Install new wall hangings.

Spare Bedroom
-Paint trim, door and closet doors white.
-Paint walls a shade of lavender.
-Install crown molding.
-Make and install new window treatments.
-Make new quilt, shams and throw pillows.
-Install new wall hangings.
-Build and install closet shelves.


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