Saturday, September 10, 2011

Child's Name Framed

I have always like those pictures with the child's name displayed in their rooms.  I wanted to make something that would fit well in his room that is decorated in Disney's Cars theme.  I looked endlessly for Cars scrapbook paper.  I found some online but I didn't really like the pattern not to mention it was expensive.  I had this idea to use gift wrap.  I wanted to do each letter separately in it's own frame, but I opted out when I couldn't find cheap enough square frames to do it.  Instead, I found a long collage matted frame.

Frame, oblong and large enough to house the child's name
Wrapping paper (when doing a larger frame like this, it's the only thing large enough be placed in the frame)
Letters of the name cut out in 2 different coordinating colors (My friend has a Cricut and made these for me)
Sticky Dots
Small Screwdriver

The How To
1.  Disassemble the frame.  I used a small screwdriver to lift the metal tabs holding the backing against the frame.  It is much easier than using your fingers. 
2.  Cut a piece of the wrapping paper (the ones with lines on the back work the best) to fit the cardboard backing.  At first I actually wrapped the cardboard backing.  This led to waviness under the glass.  It is best to cut it to size instead.  Tape the paper to the backing paying special attention to not have tape showing through the glass of the frame when inserted.
3.  If would probably be best to use a yard stick to center the letters on the board.  You don't want to mark up the wrapping paper as you will be able to see it unless all your markings ended up right behind where your letters end up.  I laid all the letters out first to get good spacing.  I had to take into account that I had double the letters for a background effect.  I was lucky enough to find wrapping paper with a nice enough design that I could follow the design for my spacing so I did not use a yard stick.
4.  Affix the letters one at a time using sticky dots.  I used the removable ones in the event that I may have had a problem.
5.  Insert board back into frame, I backed mine with the original collage mat that was intended to be used directly behind the glass.  No one looks at the back of your pictures anyways when they are hanging on the wall.  If they do then you know some crazy people.  =)
6.  Hang (using nails) and enjoy.

Steel was so happy that he had more nice things to look at in his room (his words).  He said he would sleep better now.  LOL!  The kid is a trip!

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