Monday, March 12, 2012

No Slip Shamrock Hand Towels

Y'all knew it was coming!  I promised to make my no slip hand towels for all holidays!  Need a reminder?  
Check out:
{For those interested...=)}

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How I Did It (Once Again, yet a bit different)
1.  I took festive hand towels...

2.  I cut lengths of ribbon (approx. 7 inches in length) and pinned them into place.  I pinned four ribbons per towel, 2 in front on either side of towel approx 3 inches down from top fold and 2 in back to line up with the ones in the front.

3.  I unfolded the towel and re-pinned the ribbons so that they would be attached to only one layer of the towel.  (Note the the prior step was just to set the place for the ribbon.)

4.  I busted out the trusty sewing machine and attached the ribbons.  (This was much simpler than my first few attempts.)

5.  I hung them and tied the ribbons so that they wouldn't Slip!

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