Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fat Free Potato Chips in the Microwave!

I'm a sucker for potato chips.  I love them.  My :father in law had been talking about this potato chip slicer thing that he ordered from QVC and I finally got to taste the delicious fat free - ness this past weekend.  Well, I was so impressed that I went on the hunt to purchase my own because I didn't want to wait for the shipping to just order one.  I found it at my second stop, Bed, Bath & Beyond:

How It's Done
1.  Clean and peel potato.

2.  Slice potato.

3.  Spread potato slices onto paper towels and use an additional paper towel to dry potato slices.

4.  Spread slices onto trays and cook in microwave for 3 minutes.  All microwave times vary.  My suggestion is to start at 2 1/2 minutes and continue in 15 seconds intervals.  Note that when you are using the microwave repeatedly, microwave times may continue to vary.

Hence, the darker chips in the picture below...

Fat Free and 100 calories per potato!  Enjoy =)

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