Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My First Purse

I finally did it, I made a matching purse for my Tote Bag.  It proved to be a bit more difficult than the tote because it was harder to maneuver on the sewing machine due to the smaller size.  I even did my first magnetic closure that proved to be relatively easy even thought I stabbed myself in the process.  (No blood on the purse tho, yeah me!)  All in all, I am pleased.  I have plans to make a coordinating checkbook cover and wristlet.  Those will hopefully post this week, so stay tuned! 

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1 yard outer shell fabric (need longer piece for straps)
1/4 yard lining fabric
1/4 yard accent fabric
1/4 yard interfacing
Accent button
Accent ribbon
Magnetic Closure Snap
Sewing Machine

How I Did It
1.  I cut out the interfacing.  (Note: you want these to be slightly smaller than the fabric pieces themselves so you will need to trim down a touch before ironing fabric to it.)
2 - (12x12) inch pieces for the front and back outer shell
2 - (2.5x25) inch strips for the straps
1 - (4x9) inch piece for the bottom

2.  I cut out the fabric:
Outer Shell Fabric
2 - (12x12) pieces for the front and back
2 - (2.5x25) strips for the straps
1 - (4x9) piece for the bottom

Accent Fabric
1 - (5x24) piece for the top accent

Lining Fabric
2 - (12x12) pieces for the lining
1 - (5x5) piece for the bottom section of the pocket, below the zipper
1 - (1.5x5) piece for the top section of the pocket, above the zipper

3.  I ironed the outer shell fabric pieces to the corresponding interfacing pieces, I trimmed the interfacing pieces down slightly so that the iron would not come in contact with the interfacing.  If this happens, you can get the glue on your iron and it can get messy.  (I followed the instructions that came with the interfacing:  Use high, dry heat and iron fabric to interfacing for approximately 5 seconds per section.  This will ensure a good bond between the interfacing and fabric.)

For the straps:
I used double sided interfacing that works very well when making straps.  I ironed the fabric pieces for the straps on top of the interfacing, making sure that the interfacing was centered underneath.  I flipped over the piece and ironed both sides over the top of the interfacing, making sure not to have the iron come in contact with the interfacing.  I, then, folded the strap in half and ironed again.  (This was done for both straps.)

4.  I stitched down the side of the straps and set them aside.

5.  I put together the outer shell. 
a.  I pinned each side to the bottom section as seen in picture below.  I made sure that the bottom section was centered so that when I fold in the sides of the front and back to form the sides of the purse there would be enough material to stitch up the side.  (i.e. They would overlap.)  Confused?  Sorry, read ahead to see pics.  =)

b.  I sewed where I pinned.  Note that I stitched on what would be the inside of the bag.  =)

c.  I pinned the sides together and the front and back to the bottom. 

d.  I removed the pins connecting the sides to the bottom piece for easier sewing.  (I previously pinned it so that the pieces would overlap enough to stitch the sides and make sure everything went together appropriately.)

e.  I re pinned the sides to the bottom and stitched across. 

f.  I turned the shell right side out. 

g. I folded in the top of the shell approximately 3 inches down and pinned it in place. 

h.  I stitched around the bottom of the folded down piece. 

6.  I attached the Accent Fabric by pinning the fabric just under the line of stitching from the folded in outer shell, approximately 3 1/2 inches down from the top. 

7.  I pinned and stitched the straps in place.  I made sure that the stitching on the straps faced outward toward the sides of the purse.  I placed them 2 inches in from the side stitching and made sure there was 22 inches of each strap exposed above the top of the purse.  This left 2 inches of strap on each side to secured to the outer shell.  I secured each strap by stitching in three different sections and made sure to reinforce it by stitching back and forth a few times. 

8.  I folded the accent fabric upward and folded the top in and pinned it in place.  I, also, pinned the edges in on one side, where the accent fabric ends met.

9.  I stitched up the folded under edges of accent fabric.

10.  I pinned and sewed the accent ribbon on approximately half an inch up from the bottom of the accent fabric.

11.  I sewed the accent button into place directly underneath the handle on the left side.

12.  I put together the pocket on the inside lining.

a.  I sewed the zipper to the top pocket piece.

b.  I flipped the top pocket piece up and stitched across again.

c.  I sewed the zipper to the bottom pocket piece.

d.  I flipped the bottom piece down and stitched across again.

e.  I pinned the pocket into place on one of the lining pieces by folding the edges in approximately 1/2 inch and stitched around the entire pocket.

13.  I put the lining together by placing both lining pieces face to face with the design upright and pinned and stitched them together leaving the top open.

14.  I attached the magnetic clasp to the lining.  
a.  I placed the lining inside the purse and folded down the top edge outside the lining and inside the purse.  

b.  I placed each clasp in the center and top of each lining piece.  (This is where I stabbed myself.)  I highly suggest marking the spots with pen and then using a small set of sewing scissors to make little incisions where the prongs will fit through the doubled fabric.  (I tired to use my larger scissors and sliced my finger.  Oops!  You will notice in later pics, my lovely blue band-aid!) Note:  The fabric is doubled because the top was folded down to the inside of the bag.  


c.  Once the incisions were made, I inserted the clasp through the holes, attached the back piece and folded over the prongs.  


Hint: I highly suggest that you make sure that the clasp is low enough that you can still stitch around the top of the bag easily.  This is yet another mistake I made.  It proved very difficult to stitch at the top of the clasps.  Oops, so much for thinking ahead, huh?!  =)

I pinned the lining to the top of the purse and stitched around the entire purse connecting the accent fabric and the lining at the top edge of the purse.  The most difficult is dealing with the straps when stitching around the entire bag, they tend to get caught up under the sewing machine.  I had to stop several times and straighten the purse and straps.

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  1. Very cute i love the whole style of the bag and different patterns of material. But i would have made the inside pocket different. Very good job for your first purse!