Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Foyer Vinyl Word Art

I painted the foyer this weekend and started adding my finishing touches.  I've been wanting to make this for a long time but I hate painting and I couldn't hand vinyl art over top of the walls in the state they were in.  I finally got back to my winter projects (now that it's spring...) and since I finally got to the foyer painting... I finally got to make it!  I have a few more finishing touches to tend to and then I will post on the whole ensemble.  What a difference fresh paint makes!  Not to mention satin, washable paint and not the flat crap that was on the walls prior.  I'd wash and the paint would come off and the dirt would stay!

And about my winter projects (a.k.a. entire inside of house painting), I have plans to tend to them and hit up the spring cleaning at the same time.  I hope to have the entire house finished in 4 weeks.  (I'm going to try like heck, anyway!)

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How I Did It
1.  I designed my vinyl word art using my Silhouette software.

2.  I cut out the design on white vinyl using the Silhouette.  I made sure to leave the vinyl on the cutting mat when finished.

3.  I peeled the background of the vinyl away so the only the design and the backing were still on the cutting mat.

4.  I used vinyl transfer tape and laid it on top of the design.

5.  I peeled everything off the cutting mat.

6.  I, then, peeled the backing off of the design so that only the design and the transfer tape were left.

7.  I positioned my word art on the wall and rubbed the letters very well to the wall and then peeled back the transfer tape.

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