Saturday, March 24, 2012

My First Checkbook


Another coordinating accessory to accessorize with:
My First Tote Bag
My First Purse
My First Wristlet

What else shall I make?  Not sure yet.  Maybe a purse sized tissue holder?  Any other ideas?  I just love the fabric!  Sure, I am just finishing up a winter-y fabric scheme and the weather is screaming spring, time to think of more spring type fabrics.

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1 - (7.5 x 9) inch Polka Dot fabric for use as Outer Shell
1 - (6.5 x 7) inch Paris fabric for use as Lining
2 - (6 x 6.5) inch Paris fabric for Pocket Lining
1 - 7.5 inch of coordinating ribbon
2 - (3 x 6.5) thin cardboard, I used an old folder and cut along the fold so that I had a doubled (3 x 6.5) piece for each of the two pieces

Note:  I highly suggest that if you are not experienced at said sewing crafts, cut pieces a bit larger than noted above.  This will give a bit of wiggle room.  When I was finished, my checkbook just squeezed into the pockets, I had no room to spare.  

(Ribbon not pictured)
How I Did It
1.  I pinned and stitched the ribbon to the outer shell fabric.  I'm really not too sure what I was thinking but...if I had to do it all over again...I would have placed the ribbon one inch above the bottom of the outer shell fabric, the fabric would be laid out where the 6.5 inch sides were at the top and bottom and the 7.5 inch sides would be at either side.  The placement looks a bit odd to me and not what I had intended but I didn't feel such a great need to remove the ribbon and place it elsewhere.  =)


2.  I placed the outer shell face down with the lining piece on top (face up), centered on the outer shell fabric.

3.  I folded the pocket lining over top of each of the folder pieces and stitched along the folded edge just inside the edge.  This created a Pocket Front.

4.  I placed each pocket front on the lining so that the edges lined up with the lining piece and the stitched edges pointer towards the center.

5.  I folded the sides of the outer shell fabric from underneath over the top, pinned and stitched it to the lining.  I did not allow for any extra fabric so that they could be double folded.  I remedied this later on, see step (7).

6.  I repeated step (5) for the top and the bottom.  I made sure to fold in the corners slightly before folding and pinning the outer shell fabric in place.  I did have enough fabric to double fold the top and the bottom.

7.  Since I did not allow for double folding the outer shell fabric to the lining, I busted out my Fray Check, see Keep Fraying at Bay, and gave the edges of the fabric a quick Fray Check to ensure no frays.  =)


That's all she wrote...

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