Thursday, March 15, 2012

St. Patty Party Purse

Who doesn't need a Patty Party Purse?!?  Festive and functional! 

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How I Did It
1.  I cut 2 (8x8) pieces out of my green shamrock fabric and 2 (6x8) pieces out of my white shamrock fabric. 

2.  I took the 2 white pieces and stitiched up the 6 inch sides, 1/2 inch in. 
3.  I laid the white fabric (stitiched up on both sides) face down on top of the green fabric, lined up at the top.  (Duplicate this step for other piece.)

4.  I folded bottom of white piece up to meet at the top.  Pin and sew a line across the top.  (Duplicate this step for other piece.)

5.  I flipped up the white piece after stitching it to the green and and stitched to lines across the white (now folded) fabric.  The first one was 3/4 inche down from top and the second was an inch down from that.  This is creating a pocket for the draw string to go in.  (Duplicate this step for other piece.)

6.  I put both pieces on top of each other (good sides in) and stiched around only the green fabric.  I left the white fabric unattached to each other.  Note that this is why I hemmed the sides of each of the white pieces.  (Also, note that they cannot be stitiched up or I could not put in a drawstring or use it!)

7.  I made the lining:
a.  I cut a 8x16 piece of fabric out of my white fabric. 

b.  I folded it in half lengthwise and stitched up the two sides, leaving the top unstitiched so that there was an opening. 

c.  I folded the top down and inserted the lining inside the bag, pinned and stitched each side.  I stitched around the entire bag on the machine to attach the lining.  This proved to be very difficult on my machine since the bag is so small, purhaps there are some tricks that I need to learn. 

8.  I made the drawstring:
a.  I cut a piece of green fabric 1.5x16 inches. 

b.  I folded each end in the the middle, folded it once more down the center, pinned it and stitiched it together. 

c.  I inserted the drawstring through each white piece where I stitched the drawstring pockets

d.  I stitched the two ends of the drawstring together. 

9.  I made the strap:
a.  I cut a length of white fabric 56 inches long and 3/12 inches wide. 

b.  I folded both sides in the meet in the middle, folded it once more down the center, pinned and stitched around entire strap.  I made sure to fold in the ends.  (By stitching around the entire strap, I literally mean...down the right side, across the bottom, up the left side and across the top. 

c.  I attached the strap by pinning the strap just above where the white and green fabric meet but on the inside of the bag and I sewed in place. 

Done!  Fun!  We are staying in and having our own little party at home for St. Pat' I gave this to Jacklyn so she can be Festive and Functional while enjoying the parade downtown.  Downtown's a lot a bit too wild for our little guy, I'm not sure we will ever take him down there!  We are worried about the older kids going!  I'm sure that they will have fun and catch an EYE-FULL (and not just of the parade!!!)

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