Friday, March 9, 2012

Sham Rockin' Decor (on my hidden tension rod)

I was in need for some more St. Pat's Decor and since I have this hidden tension rod behind the molding above the kitchen sink...  (See Hang Christmas Ornaments with Ribbon on a Tension Rod.)  ...and I needed something Shamrock-y.  I decided on some shamrocks made with felt.  Easy enough, right?

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How I Did It
1.  I cut shamrocks out of felt by folding the felt in half and cutting so that I would have two shamrock in each shade of green.  

I thought about making a template and that's about as far as I was just a thought.  =)  Anyhow... if you are in need of a template.  Print a shamrock out on the printer.  Use clear template plastic (that can be found in quilting section of fabric store) by placing plastic on top of printout.  Trace shamrock and cut out.  Viola - Template!

2.  I cut lengths of green ribbon and pinned in between the shamrock pieces to be used for hanging.  (I made a loop and slipped both ends in between the felt shamrocks.)  I did not pay attention to keeping them the same length, a staggered look would be just fine.

3.  I free-handed on the sewing machine, stitching just inside the shape of the shamrock.  I used the slowest setting and stopped the machine quite often when I couldn't turn the shamrock fast enough.  

4.  I made sure to leave an opening for stuffing.


5.  I stuffed with a few cotton balls, just to give a little shape, not to over stuff.

6.  After stuffing, I sewed up the opening.

7.  I hung on my tension rod behind the molding above the kitchen sink for all to enjoy.  Well, at least, so I can enjoy.  =)

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