Thursday, March 1, 2012

Glass Etching on Baking Dishes - to ensure a safe return to owner

I've taken a million pictures and this is about the best I could do.  I give up!!!  Plus my Pyrex is probably about 20 years old so you can see all the scratches but I will probably have them another 20 (or 40) more.  I blocked out our last name for safety reasons.  I really don't think that the crazies of the world tune into my blog but just in  

I'm loving my Armor Etch and my Silhouette.  I am keeping myself in control so that my house isn't overwhelmed by glass etching and vinyl art.  I have to keep my obsession under wraps.  But this is something that I can run with because they can be hidden neatly away in the kitchen cabinets and no one has to know that I have the etching fever.  

How I Did It
1.  The Silhouette software has this nifty tool that allows you to flip text horizontally so that this fun stuff is possible.  I cut out my 'Please return to...' out of vinyl and flipped it so that the etching could be done on the underside of the baking dish to be seen when the dish is cleaned through the bottom.  

2.  I cut the text into strips.  I did not use the transfer tape for this project because I thought it would be okay.  Well, it was would have been alot easier if I used the transfer tape because I had to make sure to place all those little dots on the inside of the a's, e's, and o's.  Yuck!  So much for me trying to save time.  And the transfer tape really makes it easier and doesn't take long to use.  I don't know what I was thinking...

3.  I placed the strips on the underside of the baking dish and smoothed it out.  Again, transfer tape would have been much easier!

4.  I used Amour Etch according to the directions on the bottle:
I painted it on with a sponge brush, let it set for 5 minutes and rinsed it off.

5.  I peeled off the vinyl and viola!

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