Sunday, October 16, 2011

No Slip Hand Towels

The only places that I have to hang hand towels in the kitchen is on the oven and dishwasher handles.  Needless to say they always end up on the floor.  I saw this great idea from Traci at Stolen Moments.  She actually takes towels and fancies them up.  I decided to take my Halloween decor towels and add ribbon ties to the sides.

I took 2 hand towels...

Pinned where I wanted to sew the ribbons on, so that everything would line up accordingly...

I hand tacked the ribbons onto the towels.  I hand sewed them on because I didn't feel like busting out the sewing machine and the Steelers were on...

I hung them up and tied them.  No slip!

I also used my Dritz Fray Check to keep fraying at bay...=)

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