Monday, October 24, 2011

Use Caulk for Crisp Lines When Painting; Caulking Tips

Nice crisp lines really make your paint job stand out.  Especially when you have a large contrast in color, like we had in our bathroom where we painted the walls brown and the trim white.  I had difficulty keeping the lines straight because...

1.  I lack patience.
2.  There was lots of paint build up around the window.
3.  The tiles in the shower were crooked where the tiles lined up on a corner with the drywall.

An example of a problem area because of paint build up:

My solution is to caulk straight edges.  I taped off the area to caulk, this would ensure that my caulk lines were straight.  (I did not have luck with taping when painting, it did not matter what kind of tape I used, it did not work out well!)

The finished product:

Nice, crisp lines.  Makes the paint job look professional.I am very pleased with the results.

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