Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Carnival Party Cotton Candy Bags

What Carnival is complete without Cotton Candy?!

We currently have 19 kids and 23 adults attending Steel's Carnival...  It's going to be a zoo!

I found cotton candy at Walmart.  This is somewhat funny...  I saw that Subway inside a local Walmart had cotton candy but they only had one bag.  I didn't buy it because I figured I was still going to have to run around to find more.  I went to all kinds of Walmarts.  Finally, I went back to the first Walmart and they now had 3 large bags of cotton candy.  I grab them and went to the counter to pay for them (only $1.40 per bag) and saw that they had tons more bags underneath the counter.  Sure would have helped if I went and asked the first day that I saw the one bag sitting out there, huh?!  Oh well, that's me for ya!

Well, the Cotton Candy bags are ready!

How I did it
1.  I put the cotton candy into store brand sandwich bags with zipper closure.  (No sense in paying for the more expensive ones.)

2.  I bought blue colored 4.5 x 6.5 inch cardstock and folded it in half lengthwise.  I found this pack of bright colored cardstock that was perfect for the carnival theme with all the colors that I needed.  Bonus!  It was also the perfect size to put on the top of sandwich bags!

3.  I made labels on the computer, printed them, cut them and stuck them on the folded piece of cardstock.

4.  I stapled the tag to the top of the sandwich bag covering the zipper closure.

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