Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quilt Square Idea

I have made quilts in the past.  I will post them later if I can find pictures.  I have a few that I will start in the near future...

I desperately need a new one for the bedroom.  I am currently sleeping with a rag.  (When I say rag, I really mean rag, it has more holes in it than swiss cheese.)  
I am making one from Steeler fabric for a throw for the family/Steeler room.
I am making one for the spare bedroom.  
I may even make a Christmas one!

We don't have many fabrics stores around these days.  I had a heck of a time finding fabrics that I liked.  I did find a small fabric store that I did not know existed.  It's a cute little mom and pop place that is run by a cute older couple.  They don't have a large selection but they have a lot of collections which was what I wanted.  I found a great collection that I am using for the spare room.  Lots of different fabrics that I can make accents for the room as well.

For our bedroom:

For the spare room:

Throw for the Family/Steeler Room:

The owners were so cute and nice, the wife gave me this great idea for a pattern!  I know there are tons of patterns out there but I really wanted something quite easy.  My mother used to do all kinds of patterns, I am not too sure how she had that much patience.  She also used to sew all of the piece by hand.  I am using a sewing machine!  I am demonstrating the pattern in the next few photos.

1.  Make a 9 square block, I will be using 5 inch squares to create my block:

2.  Cut along the center lines both horizontally and vertically:

3.  Rearrange like so:

Cannot wait until they are done.  I am almost finished cutting to start the first one.  

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