Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Swifty The Clown

Swifty the Clown is the most fabulous balloon artist I have ever seen.  My girlfriend, Mei, had him for her kids' birthday party and I knew I must hire him for Steel's!

Check him out at http://www.swiftytheclown.com/.

Here are some of his creations...

Bat Wings for the Birthday Boy!


Steeler's Helmet

Another Steeler's Helmet

Butterfly Wings


 Butterfly/Fairy Wings

Bumblebee Bracelet

More Butterfly Wings

Steeler's Emblem

Octopus with Tiny Bubbles!

Another Spongebob!

Bike!  I don't think you can ride it Sean!

Lots of Aliens, Jet Packs and Bow and Arrows!

Flower Bouquet!

Jet Pack!

Madi had Swifty make a Steeler Birthday Cake for the Birthday Boy!  How Sweet!

Another bike!

This is just to name a few!  There were many more!  

Such as:
Lady Bug
Lots of Flowers
Other Football Helmets that we won't mention
Bow and Arrows
and more!

I think we need another occasion to have Swifty back!  

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