Monday, October 10, 2011

Carnival Party Picture Booth

Carnival Party came and went on Saturday and I slept the day away yesterday.  I have a few more posts and I will post about the whole thing!  I was completely exhausted, as was Steel!

I had this idea for a picture booth.  I was first thinking of doing a cardboard scene with face cutouts to take pictures of all the kids in attendance but time (and lack of a big piece of cardboard) ran out.  Instead...I tied balloons to a plastic chair and I filled a box with crazy picture props that the kids could wear for crazy pictures!  All items were purchased at the dollar store.

The props included:
Colorful Feather Boa
Black Top Hat
Crazy Eyeglasses
Big Fun Sunglasses
Happy Birthday Glasses
Glasses with the Nose, Mustache and Bushy Eyebrows
Lots of Funny Noses
Jester Hat
Hat with a Spinny Thing on Top (not sure what it is called)
Princess Tiara

See Carnival Party post for the results!

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