Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Marshmallow Shooters and Ammo Bags

We are having 3 different games at Steel's Carnival.  I bought three small prizes, one for each game.  The largest of which is the Marshmallow Shooter and we must have Ammo (small marshmallows) to go with it.  There was a booth at our city's home days last month that was selling these shooters for $10!  Craziness!  They cost $1.50 each to make them yourself!  

The hub cut and put these together yesterday and has blisters on his hands to show for it.  Thanks babe!

The Marshmallow Shooter
I found instructions at

Pipe cutter
23 inches of 1/2" PVC pipe
2 - 1/2" end caps (slip fit)
2 - 1/2" elbow connectors (slip fit)
2 - 1/2" T connectors (slip fit)
colored electrical tape

The How To
1.  Cut the PVC pipe using the pipe cutter to the following measurements:
     5 - 3" sections
     1 - 1" section
     1 - 7" section

2.  Take one 3" section (#1) and attach one end cap and one elbow to either end.  (Back handle)

3.  Attach another 3" section (#2) to the other end of the elbow.

4.  Attach a 'T' pointing upward.

5.  Attach the 1" section in the upward pointing 'T'.

6.  Attach an elbow pointing backwards.

7.  Attach a 3" section (#3) to other end of elbow and one (#4) to the open end of the 'T'.  (Mouthpiece and loading chamber) - (Somehow, I forgot a picture...who knows!)

9.  Attach another 'T' pointing downward.

10.  Attach a 3" section (#5) going downward with an end cap.  (Front handle)

11.  Attach the 7" section to the open end of the 'T'.  (Barrel)

12.  Using the electrical tape, twist the tape on the PVC sections.  (I used different colors to go along with our Carnival Theme.  Red, Yellow, Green and Blue - it just so happens that those are the colors that electrical tape comes in!  Yeah!)  Be careful not to interfere with the connectors.  This is so that the gun can be taken apart to unclog stuck ammo, if need be.  I, also, used white electrical tape to cover up the price tags on the connectors.  I tried taking them off and used alcohol to try and remove the residue but did not have any luck!  Perhaps if I had more patience...

13.  Insert ammo (mini marshmallow) into loading chamber.

14.  Blow!  The harder you blow, the faster is shoots!

Steel played with one last night!  He had a blast.  We had to put Puppy away so he wouldn't get all bound up by marshmallows.  I think Steel and I cleaned up about 100 marshmallows before the night was over.  Cannot wait to see our backyard after the party on Saturday!  Maybe the Ammo bags should go home with the  kids and we only pass out a few during...hmmm...must think about that one!


How I did it
1.  I filled store-brand snack bags with zipper closure and sealed them.
2.  I made tags out of 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 inch, green cardstock with labels made on the computer and stapled them to the snack bag.  See Cotton Candy Bags.

Viola!  Sure to be hours of fun!