Sunday, October 23, 2011

Door Knob Makeover

We redecorated the upstairs bathroom a while back and it was still in need of some finishing touches.  I will be blogging about them over the next few days...

Did I tell you how much I hated painting?  Well, I do.  I have been putting off fixing some painting 'oops' for a while...mostly because I hate painting and secondly because the weather was nice and I refuse to do the winter jobs when I can be outside.


We did not take off the door knobs when we painted the doors.  Paint on door knobs is not appealing.  Lesson learned!  We will be taking them off from now on.  Well, I took them off and sprayed painted them with Krylon Brushed Nickel Metallic spraypaint.  Who like's those cheapy gold colored door knobs anyway?

Yucky Gold Door Knob




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