Monday, October 3, 2011

Carnival Party Name Tags

We are officially in Carnival Party Mode!  Lots to do over the next 5 days to prepare for the big event.

I made 2 Name Tags for each child.  One for them to wear to help myself (and others) with children's names since there will be many that I do not know.  (We invited Steel's entire kindergarten class that has 18 students and 12 additional friends.  Wish us luck!  We currently have 15 kids coming and 21 adults, I am anticipating more.)  The second name tag will be put on their take home bag that will be used to gather their goodies won at various carnival games.

I was originally going to make them using 2 x 4 printer labels but I found actual name tags at the party store that were cheap enough.  I put a party themed sticker on each for an added special touch.

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