Monday, October 17, 2011

Leaf Candle Holder

I got the idea from 5 Orange Potatoes.  I think there is something wrong with the link.  There is a picture but no instructions.  It's a cute idea.  Steel was collecting leaves at Gramma and Pap's house and we were going to use them to create this.  However, I did not press them in time before they started curling.  I stole some more leaves from the neighbors yard.

Glass Jar (I reused a pickle jar)
Mod Podge - High Lustre will work the best

The How To
1.  Collect some freshly fallen leaves.
2.  Press and Dry leaves.
I am lucky enough to have a flower press that was purchased for me by my mom.  You can just press them inside a book or a homemade press.  I left them in the press for 2 weeks, mostly because I was busy with a certain birthday party...but I think a week should be sufficient.  You could always keep checking on them until they are ready...

2.  Make sure your jar is free of the old label.
3.  Begin gluing leaves to jar, overlapping with mod podge.
4.  Using the mod podge, paint a clear cover over the entire jar to create a seal over all the leaves.

5.  Let dry.
6.  Insert tea light, real or battery powered.  I used a votive that was in a votive holder since I had one to use.

7.  Display.  Can even be used to line walkway.

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