Wednesday, October 19, 2011 and App

I found this website a few years back.  Steel used to play on it constantly when he was first learning to use the computer.  He had to have been about 2, as he had he own computer since he was 3.  (That was more out of convenience than anything, Steel would be on my laptop and Daddy would be on his and Mommy sat here with nothing.  So, Daddy went and bought Mommy a new laptop!  That was 3 years ago!  Wow!)  Anyhow, I was pleasantly surprised when Steel came home from school one day and asked if I could put that website on his computer 'with the dragon' as he called it.  (There's a story on there with a dragon in it.)  I guess his teacher had it on at school that day.  Well, I thought I would post on it.  There's activities for all levels on there starting with learning letters on up to little readers.

I, also, just noticed that they have a few apps.  The Starfall App is only out for iphone, no android yet!  They do have a Starfall Snowman App and a Starfall Gingerbread App for android (and iphone) but they are $0.99 each.  I'm still sticking to my no pay rule for apps but someone out there may be interested...

Check er out!

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