Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Ribbon Wreath

I liked my Fall Ribbon Wreath so much that I needed to make one for Christmas.  (I'll probably be making similar ones for all holidays, be warned!)  I just love ribbon!

Floral Hoop/Form
Assorted Ribbon, different widths
Dritz Fray Check

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The How To
1.  Cut ribbon into strips.  The wider the ribbon, the longer the length.
I cut my widest at 18-24 inches and the thinnest 12-16 inches.

2.  Use some Dritz Fray Check to keep ribbon from fraying.

3.  Starting with the widest ribbon, tie bows around the floral form equally spaced.  The bows need'ent be pretty...

4.  Continue with the next color...

5.  And the next...

6.  Keep filling it in...

7.  Once you get down to the thinner ribbon, tie knots instead of bows.  One of the thin ribbons that I chose was wired.  I curled it around a marker for extra character.

Here she is...

Love it!