Monday, December 5, 2011

Cake Pops -

Yes, I bought a cake pop maker.  I gave into the rage.  I had Kohl's cash to burn and Steel loves donut holes so, why not?!

I suggest you follow the manufacturers instruction for the machine you use if you dare to join the cake pop movement.

-  I used a regular boxed cake mix with success.
-  I used little microwaveable chocolate cups to dip my pops into.  This worked well but used a lot of chocolate. I used two bowls for about 2 dozen pops.  I need to find a cheaper alternative.
-  Place cake mix in large gallon ziploc bag and cut small corner to squeeze batter into holes.
-  Practice makes perfect, it take a bit of practice to find the correct level of cake mix to fill to.
-  Don't stress too much if you over fill, the cooked batter comes off easy enough when cooled.
-  I didn't mess with sticks for my trial run, didn't want too much new stuff to handle at one time.

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