Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Card Display

Found a neat new way to display Christmas cards at  

Ribbon - wide enough to be strong enough to hold cards
Duct Tape
Paper Clips or Clothespins (fancied up or plain)

The How To
1.  Duct tape the ribbon in the middle (width-wise) on the inside of the cupboard door, top and bottom.

I chose a cute stocking pattern-ed ribbon...

2.  Use clothespins or paper clips to hold the cards to the ribbon.

Well, I arranged them so close together that you can't even see the ribbon so picking out that great stocking pattern seems kind of silly.  I am thinking of adding ribbon to additional cupboards in order to space them out a bit.

I also planned to use clothespins to clip the cards to the ribbon but I have yet to fancy up some clothespins (by painting) due to time constraints.  Time was a tickin' and the cards needed to be displayed.

All in all, I'm liking the display!

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