Friday, December 2, 2011

Hanging Wreaths on Second Story Outside Windows

Provided you have double hung windows....

I bought wreaths and ready made bows.  I attached the ready made bows.

I am hanging the wreath out the top of our double hung windows so I need something to hang it with, with a bit of length to trap it in the window when closed and something to just make sure it doesn't fall to the ground by some odd chance...  So I chained 3 zip ties together with a washer on the end.  

I opened the top window and slipped the wreath through and shut the window on the zip tie chain.  My washer really sin't doing anything but making me feel better that should the window lose it's grip that my wreath will not go crashing down to the ground.  

This is a look at a wreath from the inside...

Wreaths from the outside...

Great pic with the wires, huh?  

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