Thursday, December 8, 2011

150+ Stuffers for Stockings

I have seen quite a bit of Stocking Stuffer Idea Posts circulating and I figured that I would add my two cents worth...

I started really getting into the whole Stocking thing a few years back.  I love it!  It is so much fun!  The Stuffers sure can get pricey.  The trick is to fill in with other non-pricey items to fill it up!  I spend approximately $50 on filling each Stocking.  You can fill one for less but you can surely fill one for a lot more!

My Stuffers for Stockings Ideas:

Hat -Mug
Pens - Gum
Small Flashlight
CD - Cars   
Dice - Jacks
Scarf - Ear Muffs
Tape Measure - DVD
Bubbles - Sidewalk Chalk
Glow Sticks
Marbles  -  Wallet         
Slinky  -  Fruit Snacks
Granola Bar   Air Freshener
A Small  Bag  of  Favorite Cookies
Pumice Stone - Nail File 
Nail Clippers - Emery Board
Nail Polish - Make Up - Golf Tees
Candy - Playing Cards - Kitchen Utensils
Card Games - Lotion - Note Pads - Small Puzzle
Batteries - Gift Cards - Mints - Clips
Lip Balm - Socks - Beefy Jerky - Crayons
Markers - Stickers - Noise Putty - Magnetic Frame
Silly Putty - Lego Men - Key Chain - Mind Bending Games
Gag Gifts - Office Supplies - Air Fresheners - Advil - Headbands
Ponytail Holders - Super Balls - Earphones - Gloves
Marbles - Rain Gauge - Photo Gift - Small Flashlight - Wallet
Tylenol - Small Tools - Stress Ball - Punch Balloon - Wallet Calendar
Coloring Books - Mittens - Magazine - E-Reader Accessories - Coasters
Watercolor Paints - Garden Seed Packets - Golf Balls - Yo-Yo - Garden Markers
Balloons - Photo - Recipe Cards - Note Cards - Watch - Bath Salts
Sewing Kit - Cuff Links -  Perfume or Cologne  -  Memory Card or Stick
Underwear - Bubble Bath - Hand Sanitizer - Nuts - Jewelry - Hot Cocoa Packet
Popcorn  - Slippers  - Pencils  - Travel Games -  Small Liquor Bottles - Bottle Openers
Ornaments - Bottle of Hot Sauce - Gourmet Spices/Rubs  - Corkscrew - Small Rubber Toys

Meat Thermometer  - Pot Holders - Lighter - Play Doh  - Candle - Fancy Soap - Magnets  -  Cellphone/MP3 Player Accessories - Fun Gadgets - Cookie Cutter - Leg Warmers - Flip Flops - Flavored Popcorn Seasoning - Fishing Lures - Vitamins - Flavored Coffee - Stamps - Temporary Tattoos -  Toothbrush - Tea Bags  Instant Lottery Tickets - Pedometer - Crochet Hooks / Knitting Needles - Small  Baking Mixes - Small Flavor Packets - Individual Sized Lemonade/Kool-aid packets - Tape Measure - Book Marks - Jar  of Homemade Jam/Fruit - Cedar Balls - Silly Straws - Magnifying Glass - Night Light -  Lip Gloss - Sachet - Wine Stopper - Loofa - Cooking Extracts - Kitchen Towels - Specialty Olive Oils - Back Scratcher - Wine Glass Charm - Flower Bulbs - A Favorite Recipe -(Give in and give out that famed, loved recipe!) - A Small Bag of a Favorite Snack -Fruit -Rolled up T-Shirt - Coal - (Use a Charcoal Brisket)!

Tips for Shopping for Stuffers
Look near the checkout at most stores.
Target has great $1 bins.
Walmart has good cheapy toys (great for gift bags).
Check out the dollar stores (Five Below has great gag gifts on the cheap.)
Bed, Bath and Beyond has great stuff up front near the registers.
Pay close attention in the grocery store at all the gadgets hanging in the aisles!
Don't forget what is in the grocery aisle itself!  
Center gifts around a particular theme.
Personalize ordinary items for a personal touch.
Check out Walmart or Walgreens online photo gifts.  

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