Monday, December 26, 2011

Refilling a Foam Hand Soap Bottle on the Cheap!

Got an empty foam hand soap bottle?  Don't pitch it just yet!  I had this idea of refilling it with cheap-y hand soap since the pump was still in good working order.  Mind you, the foam pumps don't have the thick soap in them (I don't think it would work too well...).  Anyhow, how about adding water to dilute the thicker soap?  Hmmm...  I thought I was on to something...  Well, it worked!  

You may think well, hand soap (the 99 centers) are so cheap why bother wasting your time?  Well, I'm a bit partial to the foam hand pump below, both because of the nice shape and I just plain like the foam-y soap.  

The How To
1.  Grab an empty foam hand soap bottle.

2.  Grab a cheap-y bottle of hand soap, you know the 99 centers...

 3.  Pump some cheap-y hand soap into the desired foam pump bottle.  I added 25 pumps of soap to mine.  As you can see it wasn't a whole heck of a lot of soap...

4.  Slowly fill with water.  This is going to create bubbles so when you fill slowly, you let the bubbles overflow keeping the water level higher.

5.  Replace pump (over the sink).  This is going to cause the water to overflow because the level is so high to rid the bottle of all the bubbles.

6.  Shake 'er up!

Works like a charm!

Reducing and Reusing hand soap bottles.  I wasn't sure if I could say that but...  If you think about it by doing this, you are using much less plastic.  One bottle of the cheap-y hand soap can probably be used 5 times refilling the first foaming hand soap bottle.  So that's saving 5 bottles.  =)  (I'm going with it.)

I just got a Hand Free Soap Dispenser for Christmas that I am going to fill with diluted hand soap.

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