Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa Key

My mother found this Santa Key years back at a little gift shop.  How adorable, putting this out for Santa for those who do not have a chimney for Santa to use.  (Santa could even use it so that he doesn't have to get dirty.)  We usually just put the key outside on the front door's threshold.  I have decided that I wanted to spruce it up a bit, adding some ribbon and longer ribbon at that so we can actually hang it on the door knob.

How I Did It:
1.  I cut a good sized length of ribbon and tied a knot in the middle.  I left enough room on one end to have a loop that would fit nicely over a door knob and ends long enough to tie a bow on the other.

2.  I slipped the looped end through the hole in the top of the key from the underneath with Santa's face facing up.

3.  I then slipped the looped under the knot and pulled it through.

      Note that the knot is at the top of the key and the strands of ribbon are hanging down.

4.  I tied the ends of ribbon making a bow and began tying more bows using ribbon in the same area.

      I tied 4 bows in all with the last one over top of all the others.

Looks a lot nicer, doesn't it?  and... Now, we have a larger loop to hang on the front door's knob.

I'm not sure where to tell you to buy your own Santa Key.  However, you can make one from any key,sure an old antique key would be great but any key would work just fine.  Think of the possibilities...You can decorate any key to your liking, even the kiddos can decorate them, themselves.

*I would suggest not using your actual house key.  You can explain to the kiddos that the key is magic and only Santa can make it work with his magic.  (I don't want to be responsible for a rash of break ins on Christmas Eve because house keys are left on the front porch!)

During my surfing travels, I did find a Santa Key at pearls-handcuffs-happyhour.blogspot.com.  Huh!  And I thought we were the only ones with a Magic Key for Santa!!  =)

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