Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall Ribbon Wreath

I picked up a bunch of ribbon at a 50% off sale at the craft store.  I've always wanted to make a ribbon wreath and now was the time.  It's great that you just wait a couple weeks into a season and everything goes on sale.  It's better when you can wait until the season is over, but I couldn't.  =) 

Large array of ribbon, all sizes and colors (I chose fall colors.)
Floral Hoop
Dritz Fray Check, see Keep Fraying at Bay

The How To
1.  Starting with the widest ribbon first, cut into approximately 18 inch lengths and tie bows around the floral hoop.  Make sure that you space the colors out.  My floral hoop had 4 individual wires around it, I paid special attention to stagger my bows, moving inward then outward.  Please make note that the bows do not need to be pretty or fancy in any way.  You will have so many bows that they overlap and you will not be able to tell if they are pretty or ugly.

2.  Make sure to use Dritz Fray Check, see Keep Fraying at Bay, as you go to keep ribbon from fraying.  It is much easier to use it as you go instead of at the end, you will have too many ends to tend to at the finish to make sure you have them all.

3.  Continue tying bows and filling in the hoop.

4.  Once you get to the smaller width ribbon, cut them slightly shorter than the wider ones, approximately 12 - 15 inches in length.  Tie them to the floral hoop by making double knots.  You do not need to tie these into bows.  Continue spacing the ribbon around the hoop.

The finished product:

I haven't decided whether to trim the longer hanging ribbon or not.  I kind of like it but it kind of bothers me as well because it is not symmetrical.  Hmmm...  Must think about it...

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