Friday, November 4, 2011

Beginning Knitting

As I posted a week (or so) ago, I am attempting to learn to knit.  I found this throw rug that I want to make.  It's taking a lot more time than I had anticipated.  It's going in the spare room so I have time.  I am working on it in the evenings while relaxing before bed.  Maybe one day, it will be complete and I can post on it.

Right now, I am posting on all the websites that I have used recently.  I would suggest reading the how to's on all of them as some are better at explaining certain steps than others.  They all have their pluses and minuses!  I'm also adding a few pointers of my own.  I did not fully understand until I did it for myself, over and over again!

There are 5 basics you need to know:
Making a Slip Knot
Casting On
Knit Stitch
Purl Stitch
Casting/Binding Off

First and foremost:
Read all materials first and practice each with materials open to refer to, you will need them!

Hold needles with points aimed upward at an angle toward each other with back of hands pointing toward you.

Always stitch with stitching on the left needle and pulling it on to the right needle.  Once you are finished with a row you will switch hands.

Yarn - Each skein of yarn will have what knitting needles you should use with that specific type/size yarn.  I suggest using something larger in diameter to start.  (I didn't but I think it would have been easier.) One that doesn't separate easily would be a bonus!  I had plenty of problems with mine separating!

1.  Making a Slip Knot.
Read Here
This is that handy knot that you can use to attach balloons to children's wrists that you can easily slip on and off.

2.  Casting On
Read Here (This includes the slip knot in the casting on.)
and Here
You are basically doing the knit stitch but then putting the loop back on to the left knitting needle.

3.  Knit Stitch
Read Here
and Here
You go underneath the stitch on the left and wrap yarn around right needle from behind and pull through, pulling stitch on right needle.

4.  Purl Stitch
Read Here
and Here
This is the exact opposite of the knit stitch.  You come through the stitch on the right and wrap yarn around the right needle from the front and pull through, pulling stitch to right needle.  

5.  Casting/Binding Off
Read Here
and Here

I know that I listed a lot of links but I thought the websites themselves were tricky to maneuver around.

I wish I could have taken pictures making the stitches myself, them I am not that talented, nor do I have 3 hands.  =)

Here are the websites, if you would prefer to surf them yourself:
this one is also helpful...

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