Monday, August 29, 2011

School Project Display

So, I've had this little project for some time now.  It needed finishing up since Steel is starting kindergarten in 2 days!

Wooden picture frame with lots of room to paint and glue on 2 clothespins
2 clothespins
pop tab for hanging if there is no hanger attached
tack nail
nail to hang frame to wall

1.  Have your child paint the frame and let dry.
2.  Paint 2 clothespins and let dry.
3.  Attach clothespins at the bottom of frame as indicated in the picture below.

4.  Add picture.
For this, the glass piece and cardboard backing was no longer present with our frame.  I finally used my $10 laminator from Harbor Freight.  You could also use any piece of clear plastics and cut it to fit the size of the hole.  I also backed it with a piece of cardboard from a box that was destined for the trash.

5.  Add picture hanger.
I wouldn't have had to add this step had I been paying attention when we glued on the clothespins.  You can see from the pictures that this frame already had a hole drilled in it for hanging on a nail that was no longer in the proper location to hang the frame upright.  That's okay...I secured a pop tab with a tack nail to use as a hanger.

6.  Pick a spot on hang it on the wall.

Ready for our first school project to be displayed.

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