Thursday, August 11, 2011

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs)

Our local electric company had this bird brained idea of giving all their customers a 2-pack of CFLs.  Okay, doesn't sound like such a bird brained idea until I tell you that they were going to charge us for them.  I don't remember the exact cost but I do remember that it wasn't any cheaper than you could go and buy them at the store for.  Also, you can't just decide that you are going to make your customers pay for something that they may not want.  Anyway, there was all kinds of court drama regarding these little 2-packs of CFLs.  It turned out that our electric company wasn't allowed to ship them out and charge us.  Well, they must have decided to unload them to our local Marc's stores.  Marc's is a discount grocery/drug/outlet store, I believe they are only in the Cleveland Metro Area.  Well, Marc's has these 2-packs of CFLs for $1!  Limit 3.  They have tons of them so I will swing back by later in the week to grab a few more. 

Although I do not know of the exact cost savings of these little creatures, they definitely added to our Energy Star Home savings.  To qualify a light bulb as Energy Star is has to save $40 in energy over it's lifetime.  So if the average lifetime of a bulb is 5 years.  That's saving us $0.67 per month and I'm only paying $0.50 for one.  Multiplying the savings by how many bulbs we use in and around our house (26) is a savings of $17.42 per month.  Wow, that is pretty substantial.  Must go buy more to stock up, probably just another 3 boxes don't want to go hog wild or anything.  . 

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