Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Garage Sale Update

We finally had our garage sale!  Not a huge success but not a total flop.  The Hub brought in $35, Steel brought in $10 (combined with lemonade sales) and I brought in $24.  We will try in again next weekend. 
Our city is having their city wide annual sale and we will give it one last shot before we box items up to donate.  We are hoping that the publicity of the city wide sale will bring us more traffic so we can unload the goods. 

We have priced things super cheap and people still try to beat us down.  I don't get it.  Perhaps we should raise the prices so that people can beat us down so they feel like they are getting a deal?  I will have to think that over.  It's really crazy how these garage salers are.  Perhaps we can out smart them.  The trouble is is that we don't want to scare off the ones that won't haggle.  Who knows!?!?

Steel didn't sell any of his big ticketed items but he had a blast.  He is driven by the mighty green backs!  LOL.  His lemonade stand wasn't a huge success.  We set out to include Steel so that he wouldn't be too bored during our weekend event.  We decided to let him sell lemonade for $0.25 a glass.  We only had one guy buy a glass.  Crazy, huh?  Steel made his money from the neighbors that came over and gave him $1 per glass.  Guess they felt sorry for the little guy.  He did sell some other little toys which brought his total up to $10.  Hopefully he can cash in next weekend. 

The bright side of the whole deal is that our garage is getting cleaned out.  It was busting at the seams.  We have storage on one whole side of it and in the rafters.  (We do not have use of our attic in our house because the previous owners put in sprayed in insulation.  It's a mess.  I'm not sure if I even like the idea of it.  That's a topic for later.)  This garage sale definitely got us to go through and make a clean sweep of the house and garage.  Once this is over, we will start the organizing process, room by room.  Fun-fun!   

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