Monday, August 22, 2011

Garage Sale and Garage Re-organization

Garage sale is complete!  We didn't fair too bad considering that we really didn't have that much to sell.  We made a combined $300.

Then I took Steel's leftover clothes and a few toys to a resale shop that gave me $50.  I was quite surprised at that because the last time I took clothes there they didn't give me nearly that.  It probably depends on what they have in stock at that time.

Well, Steel made $90 and it was burning a hole in his pocket.  We had to go to Toys R Us and spend it.  Well, he did just that, we came home with 2 Star Wars Legos sets that took hours to put together.

Since the garage sale was complete, it was time to clean out and re-organize the garage.

DURING the clean-up (didn't get a shot of a before):


Note the storage bins all the way up to the rafters!  I think it's hysterical.

It's not the prettiest, but it works and it's finally clean again!  Would love to have all the bins matching, like you see in other blogs but I didn't spend a dime.  The only thing I have to do is re-label the bins.  The hub and I actually stood out in the garage last night and drank a beer while we admired our work.  (I didn't take pictures of his side of the garage...oops...)

Hub said the garage is big enough to hold 3 Fieros now.  LOL!  One is enough!  Yes, the hub has a 1987 Pontaic Fiero GT, Steel calls it the Racecar!  (Daddy's a bit stuck in the 80's!)  LOL!  I do have to say that the car is FUN!

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