Sunday, August 14, 2011

Google Goggles App

This is fun.  I didn't realize that it was all that useful.  I just thought it was pretty cool that it worked.

How it works:
You open the app and scan an item with the camera.  It does it's thing and viola, it tells you what you scanned. 

That's all cool and all.  I'm pretty good at reading and I know that the can of Diet Dr. Pepper that I am drinking has a Dr. Pepper logo on it.  Well, I googled it and apparently...
It works on text (good for foreign language interpretation (maybe this is how it's useful)), landmarks, books, contact info (could be useful as well), artwork, wine and logos. 

Check yer out:

So then I stumble upon this...
You know those UPC like symbols that slowly replacing the barcode (see pic below).  Well, you can also scan the darned thing and you get all kinds of info. 

I found this out when I went to look up another app and there was the symbol that the website was telling me to scan.  Huh, who'da thought.  Maybe this will turn out to be useful after all. 

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