Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cactus Planter

Steel loves helping and doing.  I take advantage of this as much as I can right now!  It won't last forever.  However, I decided to replace my dead plants with live ones in the living room and thought that I would have Steel make his own little planter.  He had fun, then went back to playing with the water hose.  LOL.

Cactus (or Cacti) or other drought resistant plants ($1 a piece)
Potting Soil (leftover in garage, next year we will have compost!)
Clay Pot Saucer ($2)
Rocks, Marbles, Shells or Fish Gravel (Free)
Water (Kind of Free, let's just say year will be free when I get my rain barrels)

1.  Place plants in saucer in the spots that you wish.  We used Hens & Chicks because we are keeping this outside and they fair well in the winter in these here parts. 

2.  Scoop topsoil into saucer, packing it down so that the plant's root balls are firmly stable.

3.  Place rocks, marbles, shells, fish gravel or anything else that you wish on top of the soil.  We used rocks that we collected at the beach.  (My first plan was to fill in about an 8 inch gap between our driveway and our fence.  This plan didn't pan out too well.  It was too much of a pain in the rear trying to keep leaves and sticks out.  So we are finding other uses for our collected rocks.)

4.  Water.  Do not drown.  Drought resistant plants do not need alot of water but you want to make sure that they get enough when you transplant them so that their root system gets a good start. 

Note:  Where Steel placed the plants is in the shape of 2 eyes and a nose.  I had this idea to use black rocks in the shape of a mouth.  Steel obviously had other plans.  LOL. 

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