Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Compost Bin

Yes, I am trying my hand at composting.  I want to have a garden for the first time ever next summer and what better way to start it than with some good 'ole home grown compost.  I also do many container plantings every year so this will be a great money saver on not buying that dirt either! 

We have a make-shift compost pile back behind our garage that we used to collect leaves, grass clippings, sticks and potting soil (from container plantings) from years past.  It is (soon to be was) more like a dumping ground than anything else.  It is (was) well hidden in the depths of our property behind the garage.  (Our property is by no means big but it sounded good.  Lol!)

I got the idea from Kathy at Lovelace Files.  Thanks Kathy! 

1.  Grab a storage bin.  (Or garbage can.)
I emptied out a couple storage bins that were holding clothes in the garage during my cleaning to get ready for my garage sale that will be held this up coming weekend.  I just found out that my sister-in-law (lives in Seattle) made her own compost bins out of big 55 gallon garbage cans.  (I may have to ask her if I can do a little feature on her backyard, I'm hearing and seeing (from pictures) that it is amazing!)

2.  Drill holes in the top of the lid and the bottom for aeration and to let those worms in and the water out.
(8 - 12 , in the lid and at the bottom, is sufficient, it depends on the size of your bin.)  My sister-in-law drilled holes in the sides as well.  I'm not sure I will need that but if I run into water problems, I will get out the handy drill and tackle the sides. 

3.  Fill the bottom of the bin with a layer (a few inches high) with dried leaves or shredded newspaper. 
I used newspaper since I didn't think I had leaves readily available.  Unbeknown st to me, I had plenty of leaves that were already decomposing under our make-shift compost pile behind the garage. 

4.  Fill about half full with dirt. 
We have plenty of that!  (See the leaves!)

5.  Add stuff and mix.
Kathy sent me a link for a website that has a list of items that are good for composting: 
I added some Cantaloupe rinds and some drenched paper towels from a roll that I left outside only for it to get taken out with the rain!

6.  Mix contents every so often, when you add items to it. 

As soon as the kid and hub finish the ice cream (that is currently in the freezer), I plan on using the little 5 quart tub that it comes in to store my compost items in the frig until I take it out behind the garage to add to my compost bins.  


  1. I've been composting this way for four years, snowy winters, and hot summers. I have great compost and worms for fishing too. It is as easy as it looks. When your ready to use it stop adding new kitchen scraps for a week or so and use 1/2 to 3/4 of the mixture in your garden and then add more leaves and kitchen scraps - no meat. Love it!

  2. Thanks! Can't wait to use to next spring!