Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hand-y Stool

Steel and I made this stool together when he was 2.  It still sits under the sink in our half bath although there isn't much use for it anymore.  It was fun and simple as he loved (and still does) painting.

1.  I bought an unfinished stool, acrylic paint (3 different colors), letter stencils, and sponge brushes at a craft store. 
2.  I laid down lots of newspaper covering our work area. 
3.  We painted it blue with sponge brushes and let it dry.
4.  We attempted to have him put 2 single hand prints on the stool in red paint.  (That did not work out so well.  He wanted hand prints all over.  You can tell from the picture who won that battle.)  We let it dry.
5.  We spelled out his name with stencils and sponged away in yellow and let it dry.


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