Thursday, April 19, 2012

Foyer Project Complete

Winter/Spring Cleaning project complete!
My winter projects have turned into spring projects.  Funny how that happens when you procrastinate!  Have I mentioned that I hate painting?  Well, just in case you haven't caught that, I DO!  So since spring cleaning is needed.  I am tackling that as I sweep through each of the room that need painted.  My goal is to have the inside of the house completely repainted prior to Memorial Day weekend.  Wish me luck!!!  =)  Actually, a good nudge might work better!  This si going to be tricky because we are now quite busy with football and baseball.  We also have to get some outside projects done in the next couple weeks as well.  I better get on it!

So...about our foyer...

SW6086 Sand Dune  

Click Read More for details...

I painted the walls SW6086 Sand DuneSW6086 Sand Dunewith Sherwin Williams SW6086 Sand Dune Duration Home, satin finish.  Check out the color here.  Check out Duration Home here.
SW6086 Sand Dune
I painted the trim and doors with Sherwin Williams SW7006 Extra White Super Paint, semi gloss finish.  Check out the color here.  Check out Super Paint here

I spray painted the door knobs with Krylon Brushed Metallic Satin Nickel Spray Paint...

Check out Door Knob Make Over Post and Door Knobs Beauti-fied Post.
I did not attempt to spray paint the door knob or the dead bolt on the front door.  I didn't want to screw anything up.  =)  I'm thinking that when we replace the front door, we can get a nice, new knob!

I added WordArt...

Check out Foyer WordArt Post.
I added hooks for Steel to hang his own coat(s)...

I embroidered storage bins for the coat closet.

Check out Embroidered Bins for Coat Closet Post.
The next foyer projects are to install a new rod and shelf in the coat closet, install shelving in the craft closet and install new flooring.  These are deemed winter projects since summer is just around the corner!  Yeah!  Much more Winter/Spring Cleaning Projects to tend to.  Stay Tuned!

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