Monday, January 14, 2013

Gage's Baby Stats WordArt

I still keep saying that I am going to make one for myself (7 years later) but I love these!  I linked two other projects at the end of this post if you want to check those out as well.  I made this one with cardstock backing in the frame because I knew Gage's room was white, where the two other projects, I left the backing off so that the wall color would show through.  

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How I Did It
1.  I designed the WordArt like a subway art design with all the baby's stats using Silhouette Studio (software that comes with the Silhouette).  I was using a 12 x 12 frame, so I made sure that my design was approximately 10 x 10.  

2.  I cut out my design in white vinyl using my Silhouette.

3.  I peeled away the negative vinyl, leaving only the design on the vinyl backing and still affixed to the cutting mat.  I used a special vinyl tool sold at the Silhouette store or by the cricut supplies in craft stores to peel away the centers of the lettering.  

4.  I took transfer tape that I cut to a little larger than my design and peeled back one edge and laid it down along the top edge of my design.  I use the provocraft brand that I can easily find at all the nearby craft stores.

5.  Once the one edge is stuck to the top of the design, I peeled the rest of the transfer tape with one hand and smoothed the transfer tape to the design with the other.  After you do this a few times, it gets much easier.

6.  I firmly pressed and smoothed out the transfer tape to the design, not leaving any part of the design untouched.  

7.  I slowed peeled up the design attached to the transfer tape, I wanted to make sure that the entire design stuck to the tape.  If it was not, I would press the tape back to the part of the design to make sure it stuck.  This really isn't a difficult process but it takes a little patience and it gets easier with practice.  

8.  Then once I had the design on the transfer tape and ready to affix on my frame glass, I had to position it centered on the glass.  I highly suggest using a grease pencil or something to mark where to position it so that it is centered and not crooked.  This is not an easy task.  Once it is positioned, I rubbed the entire design again so that it would now stick to the glass.

9.  I then peeled the transfer tape away slowly to make sure the entire design stays stuck to the glass.

And that's it!

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