Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Memory Jar


Love this idea that I saw at celebrations.com.  Write down memories and keep them stashed in this memory jar and read them with the family on New Year's Eve.  I can't wait until next New Year's Eve to read them!  I decorated our jar with vinyl cut using my Silhouette.  

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Transfer Paper
Cutting Mat

How I Did It
1.  I designed my 2013 Memories using Silhouette Studio, I made sure that the size would fit nicely on the jar I purchased.  

2.  I laid out the vinyl on the cutting mat and cut the design out using my Silhouette.  

3.  I peeled the vinyl (negative image) away, leaving just the design on the vinyl backing still stuck to the cutting mat.

4.  I cut a piece of transfer tape that was a bit larger than my design.  I use promo craft brand transfer tape because it is what is carrying at my local craft stores.

5.  I peeled the backing off of the transfer tape and affixed it to the vinyl design and firmly rubbed the entire design so that the transfer tape adhered nicely to the design.

6.  I peeled the design away from the vinyl backing and stuck to the transfer tape.

7.  I placed the design with transfer tape onto the jar and firmly rubbed the entire design so that it would adhere to the jar.

8.  I peeled off the transfer tape, leaving my design behind.

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