Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pirate Onesie - Iron On

I found this adorable iron on at the craft store when I was picking up some supplies.  I just had to buy it because... Several years back we took a boat trip to Cedar Point and the Islands and the kids were pretty wound up and were yelling 'Pirates! Land Ho!...' among other other pirate sayings on our voyage.  We had to listen to it for 3 hours, it got a little  Well, on the trip home, 10 minutes into our trip one of our motors went (broke).  We had to limp home on one motor in rough seas.  All the kids got sea sick.  It was a ten hour trip.  We, on the other hand, made the best of it and turned the tables on the kids...  We yelled the same 'Pirates! Land Ho!', the kids didn't find it as amusing as we did.  It was great!  So, you see just why I had to buy the iron on and make this.  =) 

(That was the same trip that we got lost in fog on the lake, the gps was not working and we ended up in Canada...seriously, true story.)

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