Sunday, January 6, 2013

'Something Old' Pearl Necklace

This picture does not do this justice.  I had dirt all over my camera lens and was in such a hurry to get it to my friend that I didn't clean it and try to get a better picture.

This is such a wonderful idea that a mother of a bride came to me with...  She had a pearl that her husband had bought her on their honeymoon.  She wanted it drilled and put on a necklace for her daughter to wear on her wedding day.  I originally had put this on a clear cord so that the pearl would be the focal point of the necklace.  The bride wore it on her big day and later returned it to me so make a piece that would be more practical for everyday wear.  I put the pearl on a straight pin and looped and coiled it.  The bride also wanted it combined with a gold accent disc.  I think this turned out really nice.  The mom had a great (tear jerking) idea.  Love it!

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